- Download PanaVue ImageAssembler - here is a link

• Open PanaVue ImageAssembler, select 'File' from the top left corner

• Select 'New Project'

• Select 'Panorama Stitching' and click Ok, select 'single row' and click Ok

• A wizard will begin that includes 5 steps for the stitching

• Click on '2 - Add Images' then click on the 'Add' button. Now select your 8 - 12 photos that you want to stitch and click on 'Add' and then 'Done'

• Click now on '3 - Set Options' make sure 'Automatic stitch (no flags)' is selected. Also, make sure the following is selected under image options:

       • Adjust colors

       • 360 wrapping

       • Sharpen Resulting Image

       • Anti-Aliasing

       • Auto crop

       • Align row horizontally

• Click on '5 - Run & Finalize' and click on 'Full Run'. PanaVue ImageAssembler will now stitch your photos and it should look something like this

example 1:

Now save the resulting panorama image to your computer